18 Dogs Who Miss Kids So Much When They Go Back To School

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Whether you're leaving for the semester, or just for the day, your dog is going to miss you so freaking much. Try not to let those unbearably sad puppy eyes prevent you from getting a proper education.

1. "Do you really have to go? For reals?"

2. "Fine. Leave me. But don't expect me to make it easy on you."

3. "What's the point? You're leaving, and life is meaningless."

4. "Did I ever tell you that you smell like love?"

Watch out, or this dog will guilt trip you into staying.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. "Was I a bad dog?"

Editor's note: We must protect this pup at all costs!


6. This dog will go to extreme lengths (heights?) to stay with you.

7. "What if I study really hard? Can I come with you then?"

"5 minutes into homeroom"

8. "Fine I'll just wait here until school's out"

9. Don't stay away too long, or your role as Favorite Person Ever might be usurped.

10. "When u miss someone so much u feel sick but also u know u just have to keep trekking through life"

Just kidding. No one could ever replace you.



11. "Who will play fetch with me?"

12. Technically it's not stealing if the dog is already yours.

13. "Who's going to watch The Bachelor with me?"

14. "Who's going to tuck me in at night?"

15. "I'm gonna need u to come home"

There's no knowing what kind of trouble your dog is going to get into without you around.



16. Who made these dumb rules anyway?

17. "Only pack the essentials"

Maybe you can find a loophole.


18. At any rate, absence makes the heart grow fonder.