The Very Best of The Big Ear Dog Challenge

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Size is relative, of course, but these pups' ear flappers are objectively MASSIVE by any measure.

1. "Remy heard something about a #bigearchallenge"

2. "Gizmo is definitely throwing his hat in the ring in this one💙 #bigearchallenge"

3. "Gib volunteering himself for the #bigearchallenge"

4. "Rocket 🚀 deploying massive wind flaps in advance of departure #bigearchallenge"

😱 😱 😱

5. "Can I play? #bigearchallenge"

We'll allow it!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

6. "Do these ears make my head look small? 😂 #bigearchallenge"

7. "Sir this is a DOGspotting challenge ... not a KANGAROOspotting challenge 🤪😂 #bigearchallenge"

Sir this is DOGspotting..not KANGAROOspotting 🤪😂Such a cutie!!!

8. "He's half-cat, half-helicopter #earsforyears #bigearchallenge"

9. "Benny is here to claim is trophy #bigearchallenge"

10. "Big enough to block out the sun and double as a sleeping mask #bigearchallenge"

11. "Sage’s one ear finally popped up so she wants in on the #bigearchallenge"

Pre-pop for proof:

12. "Sweet Ivy is a very good listener. #bigearchallenge"

13. "Headphones? Nah, never heard of him. #bigearchallenge"

14. "Dog axiom: The bigger the ears the more they 'pretend' they can't hear you when you catch them doing something they shouldn't be doing. #truth #bigearchallenge"

15. "George may be part bat...we think. 😉 #bigearchallenge"

16. "BB's ears are so big they can't even fit in the photograph #bigearchallenge"

17. "Kona is 'hear' for the #bigearchallenge #dadjoke"

18. "Papi impersonating an aircraft carrier #bigearchallenge"

20. "The vet said Walter has the longest ears he’s ever seen #bigearchallenge #elite #champion #prouddogmom"