These Dogs Rock Flower Crowns Way Better Than You

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Flower crowns have exploded in popularity over the last few years, popping up on runways, at weddings, and on your neighborhood hipsters. It was only a matter of time before dog lovers put their own spin on the trend.


Let's take a look at some the cutest flower-crowned canines on the web!

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. You’re never fully dressed without a smile… and a flower crown, of course.

Image: Acute Designs


2. This pooch has a saucy wink, in case the flowers weren’t enough to charm you.

Image: tumblr


3. Looks like someone is ready for a day of frolicking in the meadow!

4. Speaking of frolicking in meadows…

6. Some people would pay a lot of money to have luxurious locks like these.

7. Truly a regal countenance, no?

8. This weird looking dog.

9. Pug with daisies.

This is Loulou. Do yourself a solid and watch this video of her wearing a flower crown while eating watermelon.


10. Looking like the prettiest princess is hard work.


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