21 Cats Who Completely Rule The Dogs In Their Lives

Sometimes, size truly doesn't matter — and these cats who are 100 percent dominant over the dogs in their lives are proof.

1. "You get the bed I say you get, Dog."

2. "Or no bed at all."

3. "Or how about a bed you can use as a pillow? Would that be better?"

4. "You're just embarrassing yourself."

5. "This is my house now."

6. "I'll. Show. You. Who's. Boss."

7. "Pull yourself together, man!"


9. "Come at me. I dare you."

10. "MY BALL."

12. "Is this annoying? #SorryNotSorry."

13. "I wanted a trampoline, but I guess your face will have to do."

14. "I think I shall call you, 'Chew Toy.'"

15. "Let's just kiss and cuddle and be best friends ... PSYCH."

16. "Aww, did you have a bad day?"

17. "The Empire strikes BACK."

18. "What? I was just stretching and your head was in the way."

19. "This one wasn't a stretch."

20. "'Stop being passive aggressive,' they said. Fine. Regular aggressive it is."

21. "Submit, cretin."

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