17 Pets Who Would Like Some Of Your Cereal, Please

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And the most delicious, according to these 17 pets who are after your breakfast cereal!

1. Some dogs bring you the newspaper, good dogs make you breakfast.

Dog with breakfast
credit: artallday

2. Someone is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

3. "First, we look real cute and hungry, and then we make our move ..."

4. Here is a cat testing the waters, er, the milk.

5. Cereal comes with a prize for cats and that prize is a box.

6. The fact that this cereal has the exact same shapes as Friskies cat treats explain a lot.

Cereal same shape as cat treats
credit: catlikefury

7. Our favorite is the cereal that comes with a free kitten prize.

8. Narrator: "Wendell has been training for this moment since he was a kitten."

9. "Oh, I was just, uh, inspecting your breakfast cereal."

"Yep, all good here! Carry on!"

10. There's no such thing as personal space when a bowl of cereal is in the picture.

11. "He cannot overpower both of us, dog."

12. The cold stare of a cereal killer.

Cat looking at breakfast cereal
credit: jestek

13. This cat is on a health kick and would prefer oatmeal this morning, thanks.

Cat hiding in oatmeal box
credit: nineteen11

14. "Why don't they put milk in my crunchies?"

Cat trying to get at breakfast cereal
credit: PixieRose

15. "Looks like you have some extra milk. Let me take care of that for you!"

Cat trying to get breakfast cereal
credit: Valgal2309

16. "Youuuuu willlll sharrrreeeee youuuuur cerrreeaaalll withhh thee kittttyyyyy."

Cat stalking grandma's cereal
credit: imgur.com

17. The sweet smell (and taste!) of success!