These Poorly Translated Russian Cat Memes Will Make You Pee From Laughing

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Tumblr, the microblogging platform popular with teens, goths, and fandoms of literally all manner, is the gift GIF that keeps on giving GIFing.

And it's newest treasure, Cat Translations, an archive of hilarious, LOLCat-styled pictures from Russia accompanied by WTF, something's-been-lost-in-translation captions, is a must-see.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

"The illegitimate son of a bee and a tiger ..."

As these beautiful glitches in the translation algorithm reveal, technology isn't without its imperfections.


But in those shortcomings, there is humor. And humor is one of the things what we aim for here at Cuteness.

Without further adieu, then, here are some of this feed's best — errr, worst — kitty captions.


"Striped sausage"

"The monster was exhausted"

"A cat who does not trust transparent tables"

"Two adult and one child ticket, please"

"Unrestrained summer fun"

"The driver of the box :) :) :) ... "

"Hey, I'm here to take a bath!"

"I have taken shelter"

"It was the 19th day of our crazy summer ... "

After you've regained your composure, enjoy this bonus PIG caption!


"And after dinner Boris loves to skate"

For more ridiculous captions, follow Cat Translations at Tumblr ASAP!


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