17 Of The Prettiest Ragdoll Cats On The Internet

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Ragdoll cats are known for their easygoing and affectionate disposition, and for their tendency to go totally limp when you pick them up, and for being super duper heckin' gorgeous.

1. Contemplating what it's like to be so beautiful.

2. The face of a kitty who knows he's not supposed to be on the kitchen counter.

3. She's a winner.

4. He's a summer.

5. Is there any season when Ragdolls don't look picture perfect?

6. Nope — they are certifiably gorgeous all year round.

7. A nap is imminent.

8. We believe you'll find that if one fits, one sits.

9. Look at these elegant troublemakers.

10. This cat just wants to listen to your problems and give you practical, actionable advice.

11. Maybe the classiest photo ever taken.

12. You don't look this innocent unless you've been making mischief.

13. "Alright, human, that's enough sleeping. My food bowl is nearly a quarter empty."

14. The fluff emerges from its cocoon as a fully mature floofer.

15. A work of art... and a pretty nice painting.

16. brb we are hypnotized

17. The fluffiest rain cloud of all.


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