18 Perfectly Timed Photos of Cats

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Sometimes when the stars align, someone takes a photo of a cat at exactly the right moment. Let's all pause to thank the universe for these beautiful gifts.

1. Mooooeow

2. This is the last thing you see before you die.

3. Caught in the act!

4. "I mustache you a question."

5. Um, rude?

6. TFW you realize your expensive toupee is actually a cat.

7. 4/10 for performance, 6/10 for technique, 10/10 for fuzzy little kitty paws

8. Yum.

9. "They'll never find me here."

10. OMG a real life supermodel?

11. This is unsettling.

12. Catapult!

13. Ready... set...

14. 🎵 faint waltz music 🎵

15. All cat owners make this face at some point, it is inevitable.

16. Meanwhile...

17. What a catastrophe!

18. "I must go. My people need me."


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