18 Perfectly Timed Photos of Cats

Sometimes when the stars align, someone takes a photo of a cat at exactly the right moment. Let's all pause to thank the universe for these beautiful gifts.

1. Mooooeow

Black and white cat standing behind computer monitor displaying a cow
credit: Tumblr

2. This is the last thing you see before you die.

Cat leaping towards the camera
credit: Twitter

3. Caught in the act!

Cat sitting behind a bag of cat food with a similar face on the bag
credit: Reddit

4. "I mustache you a question."

Cat standing behind a decorative object that looks like a mustache
credit: Imgur

5. Um, rude?

Cat standing in front of a television with its tail seeming to poke into an actor's nose
credit: Twitter

6. TFW you realize your expensive toupee is actually a cat.

Cat lying on top of a television so that it's perfectly placed above an actor's head
credit: Twitter

7. 4/10 for performance, 6/10 for technique, 10/10 for fuzzy little kitty paws

Cat leaning over television screen so that it's torso is lined up with the legs of a figure skater
credit: Twitter

8. Yum.

Cat standing in front of a TV with its head positioned between the chopsticks of a man on screen
credit: Twitter

9. "They'll never find me here."

Cat sitting behind a painting of itself with just its tail visible
credit: Reddit

10. OMG a real life supermodel?

Cat's head lined up with torso of shirtless man
credit: Flickr

11. This is unsettling.

Yawning cat lined up with woman's mouth
credit: Reddit

12. Catapult!

Cat flying towards the camera
credit: Reddit

13. Ready... set...

Cat in front of a TV screen lined up with row of runners
credit: Instagram

14. 🎵 faint waltz music 🎵

Two cats standing on their hind legs like they're dancing together
credit: Reddit

15. All cat owners while make this face at some point.

Cat standing in front of a TV screen with it's rear end pointed towards an actor making a disgusted face
credit: Imgur

16. Meanwhile...

Four people dining while a cat appears to fly past the window behind them
credit: Imgur

17. What a catastrophe!

Cat doing a handstand while its bowl of food falls down
credit: Imgur

18. "I must go. My people need me."

Cat appearing to levitate
credit: Imgur