16 Dogs Chilling On Windowsills Like Cats

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These dogs are channeling their inner cat and hanging out on windowsills. It's almost too cute to handle. Is it even comfortable? Doesn't matter. If they fit, they sit.

1. Hey, I'm just keeping an eye out.

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2. Guard dog duties, activated!

3. It's more comfortable than it looks, promise.

4. I took the cat's favorite spot. Sorry not sorry.

5. Oh, hi.

6. You bought me that expensive bed, but I like it here just fine.

7. New nap spot.

8. It's basically neighborhood watch.

9. I can see everything from here and I'm staying put.

10. You should try hanging out here sometime.

11. I always get sleepy in extremely cramped spots. Go figure.

12. Can you let me out?

13. I shall call him mini-me.

14. I think I heard something. Better go investigate.

15. Too lazy to keep an eye out.

16. Pretty please, can this be my permanent sleeping area?


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