18 Adopted Dogs Who Are Coming Home For The First Time

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Of all the places a dog can go in a car, the best is going to your forever home!


1. "You're all the view I need."

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2. Safe at last.

3. "All this and I get a cool basket?"

4. When you know you're the good boy.

5. Surprise!

6. This might be the cutest puppy ever.

7. Welcome to the family.

8. Love bug.

9. Look at those little paws!

10. "I could get used to this car ride thing."

11. "Why am I not already in your lap?"

12. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

13. Reality is still sinking in.

14. Settling in fine.

15. "Best. Bed. Ever."

16. "This human is mine now."

17. Congrats on your new best friend.

18. Road trip buddies fur life!