15 Cats Who Will Never Be the Same After They Saw Themselves in a Mirror

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Time to reflect on what's really funny: cats discovering who they really are.

1. "My mirror is now our mirror"

It's been years since I've been in the bathroom unattended.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Watches Trinity run up the wall in 'The Matrix' one time..."

This cat just invented a new dance and form of capoeira all at once.


3. "Pudge is still trying to figure out mirrors. He was trying to fight his own reflection and catch his own paws, but everything just kept moving."

Right up there with the elusive red dot and the one brain cell all orange cats share.



4. Minds blown then ...

... minds blown now.

"What are those furry triangle things on our heads?!"


5. "I caught his weirdo self staring at me from the mirror."

"He may have been having an existential crisis but he lacked not for confidence."

See the lion, be the lion.


6. "Looks like I got the self-cloning model. How many Leos can I expect?"

Put a mirror on his other side, too. Infinite Leos!



7. "Pancake loves to stare at himself. Isn’t he handsome?"

Not gonna lie, if I was as handsome as Pancake I would do the same.


8. "She's just giving herself a much needed pep talk 'you've got this Maple, you can do it. So let's do it' and than off she goes to do it."

Everyone has a pre-poop ritual and Maple is no exception.


9. "My boy discovered his reflection for the first time!"

Cue the pointing Spider-Man meme.

10. "Me checking myself in the mirror to see if I'm as cute as meowmy says."

Fact check: Both accurate and true.


11. "What in the actual bamboozlement"

This will the moment that changed everything.

12. "Well, hello there handsome🦁🪞"

Hard not to linger in front of the mirror when the fit is tight.

13. "I met a new friend in my sister’s mirror. Boy, does he ever look like me!"

I've heard of Velcro cats but this is ridiculous!

14. "Taco isn’t a fan of mornings"

Hard same, Taco.

15. "Nothing to say except what a fricking cat! Rudy never ceases to make me laugh 😹"

They. Are. Evolving.