16 Dogs With Zero Sense of Personal Space

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Boundaries? What are boundaries?

1. The couch is going to get very spiky very soon.

2. So nice having a young puppy around the house.

3. Road trip buddies!

4. Old friends.

5. A dainty perch.

6. They're a cute couple, but the PDA is a bit much.

7. "This is my life now."

8. The most helpfulest doggo of all time.

9. Perfect timing.

10. He'll grow out of it.

11. Bathroom patrol checking in.

12. So cozy.

13. Pug: a classic hot dog topping.

14. "Yes, I'm very comfortable, thank you."

15. Having a little snooze.

16. Big squish do little squish a squash.


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