16 Dogs Who Are Rooting For Their Teams

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Rooting for your favorite sports team is serious work. These dogs have it handled.

1. No, I'm not disappointed my team lost. Why do you ask?

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2. Let's go, Packers, let's go!

3. Was it really necessary for all this paraphernalia? And a hat?!

4. Let's do this, Preds.

5. I'm excited for tonight's game!

6. We love New York.

7. Lakers are always number 1!

8. We're wearing our lucky jerseys.

9. Dad, you promised we could watch with you!

10. You get the snacks, I'll just show up.

11. My pre-game ritual involves sitting by myself for a little bit.

12. The Patriots are always winners in my eyes!

13. I'm just a puppy but I already root for the Niners.

14. Let's show the other team who's boss!

15. Take me out to the ball game!

16. Wake me up when we've won.


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