18 Dog Pics That Will Make You Say "Awww" and Never Stop

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Have you had your daily recommended dose of cute yet? Don't deprive yourself for a moment longer.

1. Those eyes! Those paws!

2. Just giving the dog blog a pupdate

3. Looks comfy.

4. When it's too hot to cuddle, but you still want to be close.

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5. Perfect fit.

6. So stealthy.

7. The perfect disguise.

8. Gotta squish those beans.

9. It's safe in here.

10. He likes the view.

11. Eyes full of love.

12. Like father, like son.

13. Snoot in need of booping.

14. Henlo, frens!

15. The dogtor will see you now.

16. An irresistible smile.

17. Bow tie buddies.

18. The sweetest gremlin.