Play Hide and Seek With These 20 Stealthy Puppers

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Dogs are pretty good at seeking, thanks to their powerful sniffers, but how are they at hiding? Turns out some are better than others.

1. Okay, we'll start with an easy one.

2. "I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. I just hear the tail."

3. "My girlfriend’s dog likes to spy on me in the backyard."

4. Is there a heist going on?

5. Time to raise the difficulty just a little.

6. "He thinks we can’t see him."

7. "Noticed this outside my house. Am I under surveillance?"

8. "Someone didn't like the rain this morning."

9. You might want to zoom in on these next few.

10. "I'm not coming out 'til you stop looking at me"

11. "I panicked when I couldn’t find her"

12. "Took a picture of my new deck, then I noticed a spy"

13. "For the record, he did indeed help putting that thing together."

14. Challenge mode activated. Scroll down if you need a hint.

(Hint: Left of the coffee table.)


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

15. Santa will never notice him there.

(Hint: Under the tree.)

16. "Spotted this little guy on my evening isolation walk..."

(Hint: Lower story window.)


17. Smile!

(Hint: Behind the bench.)


18. The pre-bath ritual.

(Hint: On the couch.)



19. "You guys aren't leaving, are you?"

(Hint: Upstairs.)


20. How long will this one take you? Time starts.... now!

(Hint: Far side of the bed.)