18 Dog Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

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Believe it or not, these dogs aren't rare cryptids being caught on camera for the first time. They're just a little... unusual looking!

1. "Every time I take my dog for a walk he finds a pinecone and adds it to his collection."

2. "Today I found out why we didn't get trick-or-treaters this year."

3. "The Chupacaboye"

4. "Whosofore summoned The Jester from his depths."

5. "Still learning the whole 'fetching' thing..."

6. "The Tendril has requested your presence."

7. b l o b e

8. "I promise he's nice, that's just his happy face."

9. This is Clefford, and he's a perfect angel.

10. "The excitement was too much for Sophie’s first time at the dog park."

11. "The rat king"

12. "The obscure one beheld the crustacean of infinite strength."

13. "THIS is your 'happy to see you' face?! Our dog is broken. We love him."

14. "Running to give you a kiss"

15. "Not heavily sedated, just old..."

16. If this is the monster under the bed, maybe that's not so bad?

17. "The L I M B thief"

18. "Get in the van"


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