Pilfered Pooch Reunited With 93-Year-Old Veteran

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Lola the teacup Chihuahua will be home for the holidays.

That’s the heartwarming story out of Downey, California, a sleepy suburb located 13 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Pilfered Pooch Reunited With 93-Year-Old Veteran

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The 1-1/2 pound pet was stolen on the day after the election from the front yard of the home she shares with her human, Roger LeClair, a 93-year-old WWII veteran.

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In an interview last week, the devastated man told KTLA that "a woman in a red car pull[ed] up to the home and [took] little Lola from the yard. The woman [then said] she was taking the dog to the veterinarian" before speeding off.

Described by BuzzFeed as a "fixture" in their community, the duo were often seen by residents on walks to and from nearby parks. After LeClair's friends and neighbors came together to post "Missing" signs, their separation was subsequently picked up by local news teams. From there, it spread to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where users enthusiastically signal-boosted LeClair's plight.


The headlines had their intended effect: nine days after the pilfered pooch was first reported missing, Lola was found in a local park by Cynthia Godfrey, a Los Angelino that had seen the story trending online.

Upon being reunited with his pup later that day, LeClair described the moment as “the biggest highlight of my little life” (*writer pauses to cry tears of joy*).

Though LeClair had offered a no-questions-asked reward for Lola's return, Godfrey refused to accept it because this world isn't entirely terrible.

Later that night, LeClair and Lola were treated to a celebratory feast at Chris & Pitts BBQ, a restaurant where they are regulars.

BRB, gotta go tell whoever's in the kitchen to stop cutting all these damn onions because my eyes are leaky AF.


FACT: This is how everyone in the Cuteness.com HQ felt after learning that the pair had been reunited:

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