14 Times Your S.O. Treated Their Pet Better Than You

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It's no secret that many of us love our pets more than we love most humans. Sometimes, that even extends to the humans we're closest to, like our significant others. Here are 14 times your pet-loving S.O. treated the special animal in their life better than you.

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1. That time they decided to literally make a wardrobe change to be closer to their pet.

2. That time they got really creative to make sure their cat got a state of the art massage.

3. That time (okay, all those times) they cuddled with the pets instead of you.

4. That time the dog got treated like an actual human baby.

5. That time the dog got a full-on glamor shot photoshoot, and all you got was a Snapchat selfie.

6. That time the dog got a full birthday spread and all you got was a generic "hbd" text.

7. That time they redecorated the living room with the dog in mind.

8. That time they literally converted an entire part of the house into the dog's personal space... and it took you months to get a single drawer.

9. That time you had a hard week at work, but they made a TGIF treat for the dog instead.

10. That time they bought the cat a collar that's nicer than any piece of jewelry they've ever given you.

11. That time you realized everything in the apartment actually revolves around your pet.

12. That time you were NOT the one they kissed on NYE.

13. That time you realized the pet ALWAYS gets its way, and your pouty eyes never seem to have the same effect.

14. That time your S.O. called you needy and clingy because you got a little sad they had other plans all weekend, but then they canceled those same plans to spend one-on-one time with the dog.