Oh, Just 17 Chubby Baby Animals

Chunky babies are the cutest babies. Here is proof.

1. This is what science calls a chunk fox.

Little fox baby of some sort
credit: Blogspot

2. Even vegans can be chunky.

3. Fatty baby platy!

Baby platupus
credit: imgFave

4. Penguin babies are chunky because insulation.

5. Same for these little chunks.

6. "Where is my breakfast!"

7. Oh, opossum baby.

Baby opossum screaming
credit: Trinixy

He scream.

8. You need a lot of stripes to cover all this adorable chunk.

9. And this derpy little chunky hedgehog baby ...

Little hedgehog
credit: SocialORC

10. Elephant babies are very playful and very chunky.

11. Pug pups are the chunkiest pups.

Sleeping pug puppies
credit: Piximus

12. Ah, here we have a grade A chunk of bun.

13. Lil' chunkopotamus.

Baby hippo
credit: Tumblr

14. She looks sad. Maybe we otter give her a treat.

15. Chunky lil' baby rattie.

Baby rat
credit: Tumblr

16. Baby dolphins are pleasantly plump.

17. Hi there, chunky panda baby!

Fat baby panda
credit: lolroflmao