17 Pet Pictures Guaranteed To Lift Your Spirits

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Take a break from endless doom scrolling and reset your mood with these hilarious cats and dogs.

1. "She knows how to make you forget that it's just a bad day not a bad life! I need this kind of pet in my life too!"

2. "I got lucky with this shot today! My synchronized silly rescue mutts Olive and Molly."

3. Me, worrying my new foster dog won’t feel comfortable or confident in my new home.

My new foster:

Alexa, zoom the heck in:

4. "Himbs such a back talker 🙄😂"

5. "Wow, a picture with sound! Technology is amazing!"

6. "Called Wolf’s name as I wanted to say hello to him, he whipped his face round the door in such a fashion that it cracked me up 😂"

7. This week on Paw & Order: "If you can't hide a crime scene, just pretend you are a victim."

8. "No deep thoughts, only bebby."

9. "Kevin patiently waiting for his dinner while we cooked ours. Not impressed."

10. "Wyatt... That's not how beds work..."

11. "He likes to chill in my pocket while I work"

12. "My dog Vinny makes this face when I bake muffins. These ones are banana ones that I baked for him. ❤️"

13. "Okay, I’m all ready for bed! 🐱🦙🛌"

"Actually, I’m a little too warm. 😹"

"Now I’m a little cold, put the blankets back on! 😹"

"And just like that… Sweet Dreams! 🥰✨😴"

14. "Guess which is the weird one"

15. "My cat just politely told our dog to shut the heck up. 🤣"

16. "When herding instincts take over!"

17. "Anyone else have a splat cat?"


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