17 Cats & Dogs Who Will Help You Survive The Coming Vibe Shift

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Uncertainty about the general state of the world got you down? These cute critters are here to help.

1. "Meet Mosby. Part pitbull. Part seal. ARF ARF! 🦭"

2. "Today we measured how tall Maggie is. (She is one Maggie high.)"

3. "My neighbor has a little boy and expecting another. So bought this little giraffe chair as a gift for them. Brought it in the house and my orange cat instantly was like “nope. This thing is mine!” 🤯🙄🤣"

4. "My grand kitty has decided he likes to ride my other cat like a cowboy! It's hysterical! Fortunately, my other cat is so patient and calm and when he gets annoyed or tired of it just rolls over and meows at him to get him off."

5. "My coworker brought his 4-month-old pup with him to work today. Instant morale boost! 🥺"

6. "Prepare to have your emotions melted, extreme adorability ahead"

7. "Here is Pebble, pictured here asking the other oranges if they were in possession of the cell. They were not."

8. "The cutest radiographs ever taken 🐾"

9. "I looked over, and my cat was doing the same thing as the curtain."

10. Boss: "I hope this email finds you well." How the email found me:

11. "Heaven wishes everyone a Happy Friday! She plans for the weekend to include cuddles on the couch and squeaky ball in the backyard mud. And snacks of course. I'll probably just stare at this picture - I love when she smiles and her crooked little front teefers show. 💜 🐾 💜"

12. "When you are surrounded by 1000's of years of history, but there is a cat"

13. "Every morning I wake up to my foster dog, Vixen sleeping on the pillow next to me. From a kill shelter to a warm bed. ❤️"

14. "He make the breb"

15. "When they ask you to smile on school photo day"

16. "Thumbsies!"

17. "Our orange cat climbed up the chimney today. We thought we had a visitor cat for a while until we realized it was Henry. 🤦"


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