Hero Student Goes Viral After Smuggling Family Dog Back To College

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A college student gave it the old college try — and ended up in hot water with his parents.

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That's the hilarious story out of Corvallis, Oregon, where Sean Fenton (pictured above), a 20-year-old sophomore at Oregon State University, brought Willy, his family's dog (also above), back to school after the holiday break.

Befitting of the media saturated times in which we live, he used Twitter to recap the unlikely episode.


Fenton's parents, as the screenshotted exchange above reveals, we're none too pleased with his shenanigans when they noticed that their beloved 7-year-old Shetland collie had skipped his jail cell gone missing (though, to be honest, if there was ever an appropriate time for an ALL CAPS text, this might be it).

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Sean admitted that he had "misjudged how chill his parents would be" about Willy's absence.

A series of angry texts from his mother confirmed the couple's unhappiness: "Your dad is pissed", the first one simply read. He was chided in another for his ability to care for Willy on a daily basis: "You already don't remember to feed him when you're home".


The original plan called for Willy to bunk on campus for a week ("I brought a tub of his food and his favorite toys"), but Sean returned to his parent's house the next day to face the music — with Willy, no longer free, in tow.

While his parents were understandably miffed about their doggo's unsanctioned field trip, the internet was far more kind to Sean: his original tweet has been shared nearly 100,000 times (because relatability!).

Many observers noted that they had long harbored similar desires to smuggle their dog back to college.


Others agreed it was a very important life goal.

Some students posted images of the doggos they said goodbye to after enrolling in college ...

... which prompted parents to say they would be keeping closer tabs on them.

So enamored were some readers that offers of marriage — for Willy, not Sean! — were forthcoming.

Naturally, even cat lovers tried to get in on the fun. (Spoiler: It didn't go so well.)


Unfortunately, Willy was unavailable to comment on his adventure to the greater Corvallis area (reminder: he's a DOG), but sources say he's recuperating at home in one of his favorite spots.