The Absolute Best Pics of Orange Cats Sleeping in Their Favorite Spots

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You'll probably feel like taking a nap yourself after scrolling through this list.

1. "Can I get a thread of cute nap poses please?"

2. "Mini-kitty Mouse loves a good snuggle nap!"

3. "Ginger Boy/Chaney as a tiny kitten 6 months ago. He worked SO HARD to climb the scratching post, but didn't quite make it before he fell asleep!"

4. "Must hug the feets when napping. I woke him up trying to take a sneaky photo and he was NOT pleased I disturbed his slumber."

5. "Falling asleep standing up while she waits for me to finish my project, so she can get held."

6. "Chimichanga (left) and Taco (right) can often be found in napping in their baskets."

7. "Ziti was not happy with my daughter’s parenting class giving her a fake baby because obviously, he is the only baby, therefore he must steal all its things."

8. "Mango catching some zzzz’s while Mom is working…"

9. "I woke him up, but he was napping before I started laughing at him lol."

10. "My Bowie as a bebbie ..."

... and now ..."

11. "This is a regular nap position for Dexter. He looooooves my cup..only this one. Lol, So I get dehydrated because I can't possibly disturb these moments. 🧡"

12. "This is his favorite chair and he spends hours in it."

13. "He's in full aero mode, swooping in and out of the clouds like a jet plane."

14. "Harry's favorite place to sleep is on top of William, LOL."

15. "Buddyman every evening after dinner. On my lap. Until it goes numb."

16. "Simba zonked out after a hard day of cat things."

17. "Kitty barely made it to his scratch pad after a night of hitting the nip. 😹"

For more photos of sleeping cats, click through to All Orange Cats Share 1 Brain Cell, one of our favorite Facebook groups for kitty content.

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