17 Funny & Wholesome Pet Photos To Brighten Your Day

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Stop scrolling, start LOLing.

1. "When you come home late and your cat wants to have a talk about your nightlife habits."

Jim, bud, you've been spending A LOT of time at the pub lately ...


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "My sweet Aunt Sissy loves to hold me in her lap. Says I’m the cutest lap dog ever. 💜🐾"

3. "Nothing like being on set and watching a DP set up a great shot."

4. "Am I hiding because I got caught taking all the toys out just so that I could destroy them?100% 🐾 🤣"

5. "This is the best lion dancer for Chinese New Year that I have seen."

Reminder: Not all pets love wearing clothes. If yours is one of them, please don't force the issue!

6. This is the most wholesome thing ever: "This man was forced to give his dog to the Humane Society due to a lengthy hospital stay. This nurse went to the shelter and adopted his dog. She brings him to visit daily and will return him as soon as the man is released! Be the light in this world, even through the dark times."

7. "I would like to announce my book deal. It’s where I knock the books off the shelf, and you have to deal with it, haha."

8. "That moment when you realize you've gotten yourself into a situation that you can't figure out how to get out of..."

"I have made some regrettable life decisions."

9. "One year ago today, I got a wolf."

10. "Thank you for your order, I'll push it off the counter when it's ready."

11. "Once again, my dog is sitting like she’s contemplating which of her children will take over her business empire."

12. "Milo the Doodle has a split in his paw pad and has been receiving extra attention from Mom today. Mabel the Golden Retriever felt so left out and sad that I had to bandage her 'owie' too. 🤣🥰"

13. "DO NOT BUY THESE CAT HATS: I bought one for my cat and he went and joined the French Resistance! I didn't have the heart to tell him there is no longer a French Resistance, so now he hangs out in cafes, drinks lattes, and argues about modern art.🤣"

14. "This is Elsa. Elsa likes to scratch the corner of the recliner. We are fighting back and when she was in another room we duct-taped two scratching boards to her favorite spot. When she arrived for another scratch and stretch session, this was her reaction."

15. "Um, hi, do you have a moment to talk about your car's extended warranty?"

16. "My brother's new puppy, Augie, expressing his displeasure after his first vet visit!"

17. "Big News: I got a little salami (as a treat)."


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