15 Cats Who Are Here To Terminate the Christmas Tree

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Another year, another season of kittehs plotting to topple their oldest nemesis, the family Christmas Tree.

1. "Our first Christmas with a Ragdoll 🤣"

2. "My cat is unemployed 11 months of the year but in December his profession is murdering the Christmas tree."

3. "The cat cafe I’m at literally locked up the Christmas tree in a cage"

4. "Spending more time on Tik Tok since it’s the season for Cat vs Christmas tree videos again."

5. "Set up my Christmas tree and ofc the first thing my cat does is full send into the damned thing 😂💀"

Christmas is basically that one time every year when all domestic cats magically morph into flying squirrels.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

6. "When you have to go to extreme lengths to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree."

7. "It has been [0] days since I’ve had to cut a cat free from the Christmas tree"

8. "Well, Thanksgiving is over, it's officially 'Fight The Cats Off The Christmas Tree Season' ... 😹😹 #CatsOfTwitter"

9. "Yes, that’s one of our cats in the Christmas tree. For 4-5 weeks, this is her bed of choice!"

10. "Well the Christmas tree is now up but took twice as long to do thanks to the cat getting into all boxes, bags and attacking EVERYTHING that moved 🎄 🎅 🐱😁"

11. "Christmas tree = instant cat magnet"

12. "Anyone with cats have tips on keeping them from chewing on a Christmas tree?

Please note our offender

- is fearless

- knows the rules, but doesn’t care

- is not deterred by the smell of citrus or apple cider vinegar"

13. "Please take a break from your work day to enjoy this photo of our cat stuck in our Christmas tree"

14. "My cat is afraid of tangerines, so I created a force field to protect the Christmas tree"

15. "My cat coming to wreck the Christmas tree like 🤣 🤣 🤣 "

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