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It's hard living in a famous family. Some famous clans battle each other for the spotlight, desperately trying to see who can be the most famous. But celebrity dog Pixie, has a different kind of dynamic with her famous cousin, Daisy Underbite. No spotlight battling happens in this sweet family, as both dogs are dedicated to their cause: helping animals who often seem helpless-or in Pixie's case, toothless.


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Pixie took a few moments out of her busy day to tell us why she is like Beyonce, what her favorite part about being a celebrity dog is, and the advice she has to offer anyone looking to adopt a toothless dog like her.

Pixie, how did you get your name?


My rescue group Labs and Friends named me Pixie because I pranced around like a little fairy. My mom kept my name because she thought it was too perfect not to.

How your pet parent find you?


My mom's sister is Daisy Underbite's mom. She wanted to meet the famous Tuna from the Instagram account @tunameltsmyheart and they were having a meet-up at NKLA. Daisy's mom invited my mom to come along and so she did. She met Tuna and Daisy's mom suggested they only "take a look" at the adoptable dogs. She walked by my kennel and I came running towards her because I knew she was the one. Mom called my name and I licked her finger and she was done for. We met and I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep in her arms. When the staff at NKLA told mom that I was having a hard time being adopted because I was toothless, she knew we were meant to be. Her whole family is a sucker for dogs that have a hard time being adopted. She had promised herself that she was only going to look but here I am, 2 years later in the forever home that I always dreamed of.


How does not having teeth affect you? Do you have to eat a special diet?

You would be surprised how strong my gums are! I can eat a lot of things as long as it's really small. But to make sure that I don't hurt my gums, I eat freeze dried patties broken up into little pieces that are soaked in warm water. It's soup-like and I love it!


What's your favorite part about being a celebrity dog?

I love any attention I can get in person and love that people feel like they know me the moment they meet me and give me tons of kisses and belly rubs. But my favorite part is when I see young girls telling me on Instagram how cute I am and how they want to adopt a chihuahua just like me when they grow up. Makes me so happy that young girls want to adopt, and not shop, for a pet.


You have so many unique outfits and cute costumes. What's your favorite outfit?

I love dressing up! My favorites are when I dress up for holidays like 4th of July and Christmas. My favorite outfit is the kimono that I wore this year for New Years. It's Japanese tradition to wear a kimono on January 1st and since my mom is Japanese, she dressed me in one to celebrate. My grandma even made me a little bow to match and it was so festive.


How are you and your cousin, Daisy, alike?

Daisy and I are both strong willed women. We are both survivors with a rough past but we're all smiles and don't let that hold us back. We channel our inner Beyonce and we both have a strong voice about being able to overcome any obstacle. Also, we both have a love for ice-cream, naps on top of our moms, and we love people.


How are you and Daisy different?

Daisy is a supermodel. One shot and she's rocking her signature smile and posed perfectly. Me on the other hand, I just open my mouth and look like a big weirdo so mom has to take a bunch of shots to get the right one. Also, Daisy is independent and good about being left alone. But because of my past, I still suffer from separation anxiety and I follow my mom everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! I have to make sure that she doesn't disappear from the restroom so I wait for her right in front of the door. I even go to work with her which is awesome.

If you had the chance to talk to the whole world, what would you say?

I'm super chatty so I have a lot to say but I think the most important thing I want to say is that I'm so grateful that I found my soulmate. It's so true that you save each other when you adopt a pet. And though being toothless doesn't bring me down, I do miss out on being able to chew on a bone or play with a toy. So here's a reminder to brush your pet's teeth. It's more important than you think!

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to adopt a dog that's missing teeth?

First off, I would say great choice! A lot of pups out there are missing teeth because of a bad past and it's amazing that you're thinking of adopting a dog with no teeth. My advice is to just be mindful of what you feed your dog with missing teeth. Dogs in nature will eat almost anything and the biggest job is to make sure to only provide them with soft treats. My mom keeps treats in her purse and car at all times just in case we are in a situation where all the dogs gets treat that don't suit me. Also, don't be afraid to say no. People are so sweet and love to give cute dogs a treat to make them happy so it's really hard to say no thank you. But you just have to learn to say no because that's what's best for me!

What advice do you have for other dogs missing teeth?

Missing teeth means dirty gums. I have my gums cleaned with teeth wipes about once a week. If your tongue hangs out a lot, have your pet parent rub some melted coconut oil on it. It's delicious and helps to moisturize a dry tongue. Also, tell your parents to carry extra tissues because there will be some drool involved!

Pixie, we want to follow your life! Where can we find you online?

I'm on Instagram as @toothfairypixie, I have a blog with Daisy Underbite at , and you can check out our Facebook too! We give you a peek into our lives from our human's perspectives.

By Sara Stuart