17 Animals Who Couldn't Help But Notice That You Have Some Food

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These pets have just innocently observed that you have food, and are maybe subtly indicating that they like that food. They will let you draw your on conclusions about how to proceed.

1. "Find someone that looks at you like this kitty looks at food."

2. Putting the "cute" in "charcuterie."

3. "'I just wanna look at it.. I swear' - Panda the sushi stealer"

4. "Waiting ever so patiently."

5. "Why henlo there"

6. "Hey, you gonna finish that?"

7. "Pls give dumpling"

8. "I'm prepared this time."

9. "Pickles pops up to inspect everything I cook. He’s an excellent sous chef."

10. "Ru is locked in on my pork fried rice"

11. "Bento."

12. "Salmon please?"

13. "Gus is very concerned about my KFC."

14. "Creamy Scallop Pasta with a side of Dog"


16. "Hard to resist giving him a slice with a face like that"

17. Hopeful until the very last bite.


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