19 Adorable Otters You Really Otter Take A Look At

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Otters are terrible pets, but they're still cute as heck, so big props to the wildlife rehabilitation facilities, sanctuaries, and zoos who make this list possible!

Video of the Day

1. Just a little nuzzle.

2. There's nothing like breakfast in bed.

3. "Who, me? I would never!"

4. All the whiskers you could ever ask for.

(If you like this photo, there's an Instagram account that has posted it every day for the last four years.)

5. aww yiss fishiee

6. "Get back here, kid. It's nap time whether you like it or not."

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7. Imagine waking up to this face every morning.

8. Otters have a natural instinct for herding.

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9. Look at this lil guy and try not to be soothed by his sweet lil face.

10. "You rang?"

11. The otter cam is boop-a-palooza.

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12. This otter's chubby tummy is everything.

13. Shh, we must let this preciousness continue for as long as possible.

14. The fluff! It's overpowering!

15. Finished with lunch, contemplating dinner.

16. "I mustache you a question."

17. "Pleas gib more fishiees?"

18. The master at work.

19. omg dizzy

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