12 Times Tom Brady's Dogs Were Adorable MVPs

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Congratulations to the New Englands Patriots and their star quarterback, Tom Brady. We enjoyed watching the big game during the Puppy Bowl commercials. The Patriots may be the Super Bowl LI champions, but there's no doubt these 12 pictures of Tom Brady's dogs are the real MVP.


Video of the Day

Enjoy these snapshots of Lua, Fluffy, and Scooby with parents, Tom Brady, and Gisele Bündchen.


Video of the Day

1. Puppy kisses bring good luck!

2. This is how Lua watches dad play in the big game.

3. Quarterback sack!

4. Lua's attempt to share the spotlight with Fluffy.

5. Scooby is all about that selfie life.

6. I think we know where Tom Brady gets his game face.

7. Puppies should be New England's mascot.

8. Meet the benchwarmers, Scooby, Fluffy, and Lua.

9. Lil' Fluffy would make a great defensive line for Lua.

10. Looks like Lua took after fashion model mum, Gisele.

11. "Call for a timeout, Scooby!"

12. They're definitely Tom Brady's number one fans.


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