13 Photos Of Cats Gone Insane On Catnip Will Make You Smile

Cats are notoriously fickle creatures but give 'em a hit of catnip and all bets are off. These cats prove not all highs are created equal.

1. That moment he realizes that he got hit with too much of a good thing.

When the catnip high hits
credit: 9gag

2. When the high makes him feel alive.

Catnip high
credit: Imgur

3. This cat discovered the pot of catnip at the end of the rainbow.

Catnip heaven
credit: Imgur

4. "I can haz all the catnip."

Catnip overload
credit: Tumblr

5. When the catnip is low grade, but you feel it anyways.

Bad catnip
credit: Tumblr

6. How catnip rings happen.

Catnip rings
credit: Tumblr

7. Who needs moderation when you have nine lives?

Caturday night
credit: Tumblr

8. Pretty sure he can't remember a time when he wasn't high.

OD catnip
credit: Tumblr

9. "Smells legit, I'll take all you've got."

Legit catnip
credit: Tumblr

10. The catnip helmet keeps the high strong according to this cat.

Catnip; helmet
credit: Tumblr

11. Catnip naps are the best naps.

catnip naps
credit: Tumblr

12. Friends don't let friends 'nip alone.

Catnip buddies
credit: Cheezeburger

13. The mile high club.

Catnip yard
credit: Cheezburger