13 Photos Of Cats Gone Insane On Catnip Will Make You Smile

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Cats are notoriously fickle creatures but give 'em a hit of catnip and all bets are off. These cats prove not all highs are created equal.

1. That moment he realizes that he got hit with too much of a good thing.

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2. When the high makes him feel alive.

3. This cat discovered the pot of catnip at the end of the rainbow.

4. "I can haz all the catnip."

5. When the catnip is low grade, but you feel it anyways.

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6. How catnip rings happen.

7. Who needs moderation when you have nine lives?

8. Pretty sure he can't remember a time when he wasn't high.

9. "Smells legit, I'll take all you've got."

10. The catnip helmet keeps the high strong according to this cat.

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11. Catnip naps are the best naps.

12. Friends don't let friends 'nip alone.

13. The mile high club.