16 Animals Who Have WAY Too Much Energy

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Animals do a lot for us. They cuddle with us when we're feeling down (or just sleepy), and some of them keep us young with their constant stream of seemingly-endless energy. If you have a truly, over-the-top energetic pet, you'll appreciate these 16 animals who have way, WAY too much energy.

1. This dog who fundamentally misunderstands how going to bed works.

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2. This dog who turned a table into his own personal running track.

3. This pig who has a perfect survival instinct: Run all the time and stay too skinny to be made into bacon.

4. This cat who is obviously scheming to dig his way under the bed.

5. This dog who is just too eager.

6. This poodle who just had a shower, and now he's ready to conquer the world, which is how you wish showers made you feel in the morning.

7. This hamster who has enough energy to power the electricity for a small town.

8. This cat who just needs to calm down!

9. This dog who lost his MIND on the beach because SAND.

10. This dog whose owner captured his hyperactivity, slowed it down, and created pure gold.

11. These fish who see your "just keep swimming" and raise to "just keep wiggling erratically."

12. This little guy whose energy comes out in the form of hyper cuddles (which, TBH, is the best kind of hyper energy, right?).

13. This dog who is SO EXCITED to get out of the house!

14. This good boy who is eerily happy to see you.

15. Too much, dog, Too much!

16. This annoying happy couple who are always so dang perky.