These 16 Dogs Caught Mid-Sneeze Totally Relate To Your Cruddy Cold

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Few things are more annoying than a cold, you feel crummy, but not so crummy that you can't go to work/school.

If only there was something that was both commiserating and hilarious to help you feel better.


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Well, look no further, because Cuteness has just the thing to make you LOL at your sniffles: dogs caught sneezing.


Which on of these mid-gesundheit doggos is you?

1. This boxer who is trying to hold his sneeze in.

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2. This dog whose sneeze ruined a take.

3. This dog who becomes the devil before every sneeze.

3. This pup who denies sneezing on the iPad.

4. This doggo who sneezes to emphasize that he's "sick" and should be allowed on the bed.

5. This puppy who stops, drops, and rolls every time he sneezes.

6. This dog who's trying not to sneeze in the middle of a serious photo shoot.

7. This dog who's proud of himself after a good sneeze. "Nice one, Me."

8. This dog who was told you should make a wish every time you sneeze.

9. This "wait for it pup" who perfectly executes a "freeze n' sneeze" technique.

10. This dog who sets out to do an intimidating sneeze and then really blows it.

11. This pupper who likes to tag a cute little "shimmy dance" on to her sneezes.

12. This dog who tries to fuse sneezing and a smooch.

13. This dog who can sneeze on cue!

14. This dog who can't help but sneeze despite a human assist.

15. This pup who swings his nose all the way to one side before he sneezes.

16. This dog who claims he's most beautiful when he's sneezing.

17. Or are you this bear who thinks these dogs are nuts for being so blasé about it all. He will never be the same after the life-altering trauma of a sneeze.


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