21 Animals Dressed Up As Other Animals

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Why are these animals dressed like other animals? Is it Halloween? Are they going undercover? Are they having an identity crisis? Your guess is as good as ours!

1. This dog makes a good horse, but she's probably not fooling anyone.

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2. Again, not fooling anyone, but it's a fantastic dye job.

3. Sheep Dog. Not to be confused with a sheepdog. Easy mistake to make.

4. Snail Cat. Much less slimy than Snail Snail.

5. Giraffe Horse. Very majestic, even without the long neck.

6. Who wore it better? Giraffe Horse, or Giraffe Dog?

7. Penguin Cat. Cute, but the whiskers are kind of a giveaway.

8. Cat Dog. Dog Cat? No matter how long you stare at this picture, it will not get less weird.

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9. "But that's just a panda," you say. Look again! It's a dog!

10. This cat is dressed as a lion. As if cats needed the ego boost.

12. Dinosaur Guinea Pig. Herbivore either way.

13. Dog dressed as a seal. Fun fact: Seals are mermaids dogs!

14. Reindeer Dog. Sleigh not included.

15. Bee Bird. The costume covers up its wings, which seems counter-intuitive, but it doesn't keep it from being adorable.

16. Skunk Dog. Hopefully not as stinky as Skunk Skunk.

17. Bat Cat. So cute it should be illegal. Wait, no! Don't make it illegal!

18. Lobster Llama? Bet you didn't see that one coming.

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19. Fox Dog. Unrelated: raise your hand if you're totally down for a live action reboot of The Fox and the Hound.

20. Shark Lizard. Do not add water.

21. Pug Pug. Pugception!