26 Dogs Who Are Unapologetic Bed Hogs

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Dogs are wonderful companions. They love staying by your side no matter what the situation. So much so, that they often want to sleep next to you at night.

But despite their best intentions, most dogs don't exactly share the bed well, and tend to make your sleeping arrangements cater to ​their​ comfort needs.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. These dogs understand beds are for sharing... just not with you.

2. "Guess how many humans make up the lump in the top pic? 2! The boxers took dad's space and I (as usual) took mom's. Mom woke up very uncomfortable and squeezed out of bed to take the bottom pic. Clearly none of us cared. 😂"

3. A fair and accurate breakdown.

4. Little dogs can take up lots of space.

5. "You take the low road, and I'll take the high road."

6. "If you're trying to hint at something, I'm definitely not getting it."

7. "We left you plenty of space, if you want to sleep sideways like us."

8. These two are like the yin and yang of you not getting any shut eye.

9. "Please don't make me move!"

10. Pillows, like beds, are also for sharing.

11. "Hey mom I’m ready for bed & cuddles. No more pictures. 💤"

12. "I decide when we're done here. And we are not yet done here."

13. It's like playing Tetris with sleeping dogs.

14. We've all been there.

15. When your dog won't even make eye contact with you, because you both know what went down when you got up to use the bathroom.

16. "Maybe if I look extra cute, mommy won't kick me off tonight."

17. "Oh we're sorry. We didn't realize there were assigned seats."

18. "I left you a sliver. What more do you want from me?!? Now can you turn the light out?"

19. No matter how big the bed, there never seems to be enough space.

20. Some dogs know how to earn their spot on the bed.

21. "This is how you sleep, why can't I?"

22. When you've had a dog of a day, and you want to sleep like a dog all night.

23. "Just because I can sleep on the other side doesn't mean I want to."

24. That moment when you lock eyes and wonder which side will budge first.

25. This dog even stole all the sheets!

26. Some dogs don't share well even in their own bed.

27. "I'm going to take this bed. You can have mine."