Classroom Goldfish Honored With Viking Funeral By Scottish Elementary Students

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One of the joys of being an elementary schooler is having a classroom pet. Be they reptiles, fish, or rodents, kids get REAL attached to their class mascot. As a classroom pets average lifespan is way, way, way shorter than a human's, it's sometimes the case that the kids lose their little guys during the school year, as was the case for one elementary school in Scotland.

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Teacher Corey Eddington's class at Papdale Primary School in Kirkwall, Scotland, received a pair of goldfish for Christmas, whom they (awesomely) named Bubbles and Freddy. Unfortunately, Bubbles and Freddy died just a few months later.

As Eddington explains in her classroom blog, just that week the kids had been learning about the Vikings. Inspired by their studies, Eddington's students decided to send Bubbles and Freddy to Valhalla in what may very well be the cutest Viking funeral in human history.


"Wait, Viking funeral like the ships on fire?" you may be asking at this point.

Yup, that's right, Eddington's students made miniature longships for their beloved class fish so that they took take their teeny-tiny crafts to the water and set them ablaze..


And they worked EXTRA hard on this arts and crafts project, because, as Eddington explains in her post, "We knew that the Vikings would only have sent the most beautiful ships to be burned for important people in their communities."

The students wrote eulogies for their dear, departed fish, and gathered at a nearby river to read their goodbyes and give Bubbles and Freddy an epic and most-deserved Viking funeral.

And these kids ABSOLUTELY knew how to dress for the occasion.

Best fish funeral ever? Best fish funeral ever.