17 More Cats Crashing All The Zoom Chats

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We asked Cuteness readers to show us their kitties dropping in on Zoom chats and, well, they didn't disappoint.

Assembled below are 17 more curious cats barging in on and disrupting virtual meet-ups and looking pretty dang content with themselves for doing it. No regrets, amirite or amirite?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "What happens if I don't lock him out of the room"

2. "Siri, how I open Zoom when I can't reach the keyboard?"

3. "Can confirm this is 100% accurate 🤣"

4. "My Roland either stands right in front of the computer or...

...tries to eat it 🤦‍♀️"

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5. "Instead of getting in front, mine would hang out behind the screen and be silly."

6. "Allow me to paint the scene. It’s day two of our biggest earning company conference. We have over 800 attendees from over 30 countries attending via zoom. I’m leading a discussion on the relevance of agriculture during a pandemic. And then, out of nowhere comes this guy, howling like a banshee and wanting attention. He’d been locked in the other room, so until now there was just a muffled yowling sound that was barely audible. And then he got the door open. My coworker thoughtfully got a screenshot of the moment he landed on my lap 😂 This event was recorded and now anyone who purchases it gets to hear my howling cat and watch him photobomb the camera."

7. "Scout helps me teach every single class and she never misses a meeting. 🤪"

8. "My husband was on an international business meeting when our cat meowed. The whole meeting stopped when everyone wanted to see the cat."

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9. "She wasn't impressed when I told them the laptop was not for naps. Please note the beautiful scratch pole in the background that both cats refuse to use, because yeah cats are jerks (and we love them because of it)"

10. "Mine loves Zoom meetings! The cone didn't slow her down one bit. Thankfully she doesn't have to wear it anymore."

11. "Miles is always on camera"

12. "Sterling taking questions after this morning's presentation."

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13. "Olive always appears on my TEAMS calls and I have to keep it on mute as she meows to the people talking 😻"

14. "Where have you been? The meeting is already underway."

15. "First thing I saw Monday morning when I logged into my team meeting."

16. "Came back from the kitchen to find this"

17. "My meeting is now our meeting"

Reminder: If your cat meows during a Zoom chat, you must show him or her to the other participants. We didn't make it, but thems the rules and compliance is mandatory. 😉