28 of the Best Cat Lock Screens Ever

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For as long as I've had a cell phone, its lock screen has been set to an image of a cat. Cats I know IRL, viral cats I'd like to meet, meme cats who only exist in the collective consciousness: All have taken their turns occupying this prime slice of real estate on my mobile device.


Curiosity piqued, I recently took to a popular Facebook forum where I asked others to share their kitteh-themed lock screens β€” after posting mine of course (because cat tax)!

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

And the resultant thread, which spawned more than 100+ submissions, was both mind-blowing and relatable. From portraits and Photoshops to illustrations and funny macros, it was evident I was not alone in my dedication to the cause.


Assembled below then for your scrolling pleasure: 28 of the cutest, funniest, and most ​a-mew-sing​ (sorry, not sorry) cat-themed lock screens!

1. With a costumed cat on your lock screen, Halloween really can be every day. πŸ€”

2. On Earth or off, the only thing cats really need is a window from which to stare at birds.

3. Grooms!

4. Chonky snowcat cosplay FTW!

5. 🎡 Lady in red 🎡

6. Hipster cat was into pumpkin spice lattes before pumpkin spice lattes were cool. πŸ˜‚

7. "My old kitty (RIPπŸ˜ΏπŸ’•)"

8. The elusive, rarely spotted unicat.

9. Window snugs and window squishes are chicken soup for the soul.

10. Camera's out, tongue's out!

11. This Photoshop is so metal.

12. Me: Cats don't need clothes and humans should stop forcing them into outfits. Also me [squealing]: "OMIGOD THAT CAT IS GARBED IN A SUSHI OUTFIT AND I LITERALLY CANT EVEN"

13. Double troubs!

14. "He doin a screm" 😱

15. It is me, your new password purr-tector.

16. Those eyes tho 😲

17. Chapter 1: Apocalypse Meow

18. Oh lord, he stalking.

19. Cue the Chamillionaire/Ridin' Dirty jokes....

20. Pretty kitty! 😘

21. For the record this is my lock screen that I used to prompt everyone's submissions. LONG LIVE BUSINESS CAT!

"Get those reports to me right meow!"

22. Mondays, amirite or amirite?

23. Bats apparently aren't the only critters who like to hang upside down. πŸ˜‰

24. "Our Baby Girl enjoying her movie theater cheese."

25. The ole good cop-bad cop play.

26. Take 2 of these and call me in the morning.

27. Already floofing at a 12th grade level.

28. 13/10 fancy cats would breakfast at Tiffany's.

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