24 Dogs Who Think They’re People

Dog lovers already know that their beloved pets can often act like humans. Between dressing them up and having full conversations, many pups live pretty human-like lives.

24 Dogs Who Think They’re People
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But these dogs take being a human being to the next level. They don't seem to understand that they're not, in fact, people. And the results are ridiculously entertaining.

1. Just strolling along.

pug strollin
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2. "Nice wheels, brah."

car baby
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3. "Yes, I realize it's technically office hours, but you're still bothering me while I'm trying to read."

4. The cool kid's table.

5. When you strut your stuff because you know your outfit is on point.

dog lady in red
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6. Back to the Cute-ture.

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7. You gotta get dried off before you put your clothes back on.

post bath bliss
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8. When mom takes you for a walk without all the hassle of actually having to walk.

Doggie Bjorns
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9. "Traffic may be bad, but at least I look good."

10. "I'm an emotional teenager, mom. Cut me some slack."

11. When you're trying to get back on bae's good side after a fight...

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12. These pups are doggone stylin'.

hat tricks
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13. "You kids today don't even know how easy you have it."

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14. "I didn't go to school for four years to be mistaken for a therapy dog."

dog nurse
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15. "I'm swingin' in the park! Just swingin' in the – BARK!"

swing state of mind
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16. "This isn't my chair? It's meant for a baby and not me? But aren't I a baby?"

all the questions
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17. Swag.

18. "I'm a human not a dog, dawg."

golden ret-hipster
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19. Move over Zoolander, this "Blue Steel" steals the show.

dog model
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20. "Yeah so, like, we just need $100 million and this startup can totally become a reality."

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21. Ball pits: Beloved by human and fur babies alike.

22. "This is mine now."

23. My favorite show to stream is "Bones."

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24. Double the fun.

double strolelrs
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