25 Memes For People Who Love Horses

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If you haven't looked at a horse with a luxurious mane and thought "I wish my hair looked like that," you've probably never seen a horse. Well, not to worry: The internet is foal of pictures of horses!

1. "Hay there!"

2. This horse who has ambitious career goals.

3. Cover girl for Horse & Rider Magazine

4. Can you spot the difference?

5. This horse who is smug AF.

6. "This is premium, right?"

7. All horses were created equal... sort of.

8. Be honest with yourself.

9. Surprise! You're taking a yoga class today!

10. Awwww yeeeeah.

11. Walk it off.

12. Plastic bag? Piece of hay? Invisible tickle monster?

13. Aww! You can have anything you want, lil' guy!

14. GPS rerouting...

15. You did it, buddy! Congrats.

16. Coolest. Babysitter. Ever.

17. That selfie game is on point.

18. Sorry, not sorry.

19. "All I'm saying is you better have a sugar cube that pocket."

20. Don't worry, that weird feeling in your chest is just your heart melting.

21. Flynn who?

22. Rock out with your forelock out.

23. Put this on a t-shirt so people know what they're getting into when they talk to you.

25. Team work makes the dream work.

25. Go to sleep, horse! It's pasture bedtime.


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