25 Memes For People Who Love Horses

If you haven't looked at a horse with a luxurious mane and thought "I wish my hair looked like that," you've probably never seen a horse. Well, not to worry: The internet is foal of pictures of horses!

1. "Hay there!"

Foal on horse's back.
credit: Imgur

2. This horse who has ambitious career goals.

Memes Only People Who Love Horses Will Get
credit: Imgur

3. Cover girl for Horse & Rider Magazine

Memes Only People Who Love Horses Will Get
credit: Imgur

4. Can you spot the difference?

Horse-drawn carriage and horse entering trailer.
credit: Gag.fm

5. This horse who is smug AF.

Memes Only People Who Love Horses Will Get
credit: Reddit

6. "This is premium, right?"

Horse at gas station.
credit: Cheezburger

7. All horses were created equal... sort of.

Two horses
credit: imgfave

8. Be honest with yourself.

Man with a horse.
credit: Pinterest

9. Surprise! You're taking a yoga class today!

10. Awwww yeeeeah.

Horse from behind.
credit: Tumblr

11. Walk it off.

Horse looking down.
credit: BuzzSharer

12. Plastic bag? Piece of hay? Invisible tickle monster?

Horse jumping.
credit: What Culture

13. Aww! You can have anything you want, lil' guy!

White pony.
credit: Dump a Day

14. GPS rerouting...

15. You did it, buddy! Congrats.

Horse covered in prize ribbons.
credit: This Is LMAO

16. Coolest. Babysitter. Ever.

Goats hopping on a horse.
credit: Youtube

17. That selfie game is on point.

Closeup of horse's muzzle.
credit: WhatCulture

18. Sorry, not sorry.

Very dirty horse.
credit: Pinterest

19. "All I'm saying is you better have a sugar cube that pocket."

20. Don't worry, that weird feeling in your chest is just your heart melting.

Horse and man exchange kisses.
credit: Cheezburger

21. Flynn who?

Cartoon horse.
credit: ImgFlip

22. Rock out with your forelock out.

23. Put this on a t-shirt so people know what they're getting into when they talk to you.

List of horse stuff.
credit: Pinterest

25. Team work makes the dream work.

25. Go to sleep, horse! It's pasture bedtime.

Horse covering itself with blanket.
credit: Cheezburger