20 Cats Who Are So Happy You Came Home

Cats sometimes get a bad rap for being aloof. And sure, some cats are, but there are lots of cats that are just as cuddly, needy, and human-focused as your average dog. And like your average dog, they go BANANAS when you come home.

1.This little guy wishes with all his heart that he had opposable thumbs so he could let his human in faster.

And this furball takes the stairs, like, five at a time, so he can get cuddles stat.

2. This guy patiently waits on the front steps for his person to come home and then instantly flips into CUDDLE MODE.

3. And this kitty is just going to sit on the fence until you get back because go big or go home, right?

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4. Okay, so this cutie is obviously too lazy to get up off the ground but it's okay because LOOK KITTY IS WAVING WITH BOTH PAWS, DAWWWWW.

5. This furry friend is NOT too lazy to get up off the ground and literally leap into their person's arms.

6. This kitty is SO excited you're home that gravity basically doesn't apply anymore.

7. OMG, this kitten who is so glad her human has returned she climbs up his leg LIKE SHE'S A TINY LITTLE BEAR CUB, aaaaaaahhhhhh forever!

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8. Meanwhile, this itsy bitsy sweetcake is the king of post-work facial snuggling — watch and learn.

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9. This cat makes the same face when you come home that a movie star makes when she wins the Oscar for best actor.

10. Seriously, cats are known for having a modicum of chill, but this kitty is so stoked you're here she just can't keep it off her face.

11. Omigoodness these happy-you're-home faces are KILLING US.

12.This guy gets so excited when his person comes home, he actually pants like a dog.

13. Check out this little buddy, who is so glad you're finally home he doesn't even KNOW which way to look, excitement is discombobulating.

14. And this black-and-white beauty does an interpretive dance/floor routine every time her human returns.

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15. Meanwhile this cute boots has kisses for EVERYBODY.

16. This cat's "Yay you're home!" smile could seriously light up a city block.

17. When not one but two — count 'em two — kitties are super-duper psyched you're back.

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18. Also, five cats waiting for you at the window dressed to the nines is simply grand.

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19. But let's be real, all you need is one little furface waiting for you by the window.

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20. Yay for cats who are excited that you're home!

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