24 Memes That Prove Penguins Are The Funniest Animals On Earth

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You guys, penguins are so funny. They might be the funniest animals on the planet. True, the little guys definitely have some competition. (Have you SEEN a sloth?) But just judging on the hilarity of their memes, penguins might win this one by a nose. Or a beak , as it were. Check it.

1.True story.

2. Listen to the tiny bird:

3. As it turns out, multiple penguins want to teach us how to penguin.

4. Penguins are the realest.

5. Basically everyone wants to be a penguin.

6. Yes, even the doggos.

7. Yes, even larger mammals.

8. Yes, even the haters.

9. Also, f*** the haters.

10. Here's Penguin Cat again, because did you only want to see Penguin Cat once? We didn't think so.

11. FYI, they should start calling gym rats "gym penguins" because LOOK.

12. Basically, every recognizable meme is better with a penguin in it.

13. Okay, one more time, because it's hilarious.

14. It may not get any funnier than penguin bullying.

15. Stop, it's too cute.

16. Stop, it's too real.

17. Reminding us to believe in ourselves.

18. Like, to REALLY believe in ourselves.

19. You know, like maybe believe in ourselves a little TOO much.

20. Though, there are some penguins that could stand to have a LITTLE more confidence.

21. And then there's this guy.

22. Real talk, do not mess with this guy.

23. But seriously, penguins are the best, everyone thinks so.

24. Like, seriously, everyone.