Retriever Constantly Confused After He Rescues & Raises A Motherless Kitten

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Tuukka the kitten was found in a tree in a Texas neighborhood. Hanging on for dear life, only a month old and scared to death, this little kitten found safety with a foster family, and finally a permanent home with Brady the Golden Retriever.


It was love at first site for Brady, but tiny Tuukka was bashful. According to Love Meow, "It took about a week to introduce them but as soon as we did, they were fast friends," said Taryn Choquette, the duo's mom.

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Brady's patience finally paid off and timid Tukka found her first friend. At first he tried to nurse from Brady ....

But when nursing didn't work, Tukka settled for a snuggles and cozy naps instead.

In true cat style, this tiny kitten slowly started taking over the house, starting with Brady's dog bed.

Two years later and Tukka and Brady are BFFs.

And like all brothers, some good-natured rough housing is in the mix. It seems that Tukka is unaware he's a cat and challenges his (much bigger!) big brother to wrestling matches.

But Tukka still likes some cat stuff, like cardboard boxes. Brady seems unimpressed.

Two years into their friendship and these buddies are inseparable. Does Tuukka think Brady is his mom? Or are they just bonded companions? We just know they love each other, and that they're awesome wrestlers. Check out their Instagram feed for more adorable pics and some cat on dog wrestling action!

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