Just 19 Cute Dogs Being Super Duper Cute

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There are a lot of reasons to keep dogs as pets. They can be loyal, playful, cuddly - and sometimes they're just so darn heckin' cute!

1. We would literally let this puppy eat us alive.

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2. One ticket to just sit on the airplane, please.

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3. Pure bliss.

4. She's a great listener.

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5. Fashion, baby.

6. "This is mine now."

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7. Give him some room. He can do it.

8. What did we do to deserve dogs?

9. Feels good, man.

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10. This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

11. Cheeky boi

12. Dogosaurus and toddlersaurus

13. "What was I doing? Oh, right, fetch!"

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14. Nope.

15. What a goober.

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16. "This is my bear, but you can look at him, I guess."

17. You must pay the toll to climb the stairs.

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18. New favorite Disney princess.

19. "Maybe I should have taken a gap year..."