17 Absolutely Filthy Golden Retrievers Living Their Dirtiest Doggo Lives

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Brace yourself, garden hoses are coming.

1. "Oh an Irish wolfhou- wait... 🙈😂"

"You don’t know how far I had to scroll to find [a picture] where he’s not muddy or wet 😂😂 he loves adventure!"


3. "Superpower: Immediately finding the muddiest puddle in the entire park."

4. "New dog, who dis?"

5. "3 years later and still dipped in chocolate 😂"

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6. "Literal mud magnet"

7. "Cue the 🤦 emoji"

8. "Well, you can be sure your retriever will remain safe if wandering into a Predator movie."

9. "No shame, no regrets"

10. "This was at the dog park about 40 minutes from my house 😂 after I took the picture the one laying down proceeded to roll in it, get up, and run 😅"

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11. "Feeling cute, but idk, might roll in some mud later... "

12. [record scratch] [freeze frame] "Yup that's me. You're probably wondering how i ended up in this situation..."

13. "Because getting ~that~ dirty is hard work"

14. "From a hairstylist perspective I can say this is an EXCELLENT colour application. The saturation is perfect."

15. "I learned it by watching YOU #goldenseegoldendo"

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16. "Our farm dogs went gopher hunting without us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

17. "I’ve been there. My white poodle mix's preferred state is 'filthy.'"

Judges: "We'll allow it."