20 Animals Using Other Animals As Chairs

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Sometimes the most comfortable place is on someone else. These animals have the best seat in the house — whether it's taking an easy ride, relaxing on a comfy furry friend, or just getting a lift.

1. "Onward, noble steed!"

2. A midnight ride...

3. "Why'd you stop? We aren't there yet!"

4. Just hanging out!

5. "If I fits, I sits... by why is it moving?"

6. RUDE!

7. You gotta have all the right equipment to ride.

8. "And then, do you believe he had the nerve...?"

9. "He is my chair."

10. "Weird looking Uber, but okay."

11. Just a couple of chicks hanging out.

12. All snuggled up.

13. It's not how fast you get there... it's the journey.

14. Hurry up! There might be room for one more!

15. When you're at a party with a friend and don't know anyone.

16. "This is my seat, and I'm not letting you have it."

17. Slow friends make good company!

18. "Because youuuuu... are the wind beneath my wiiings..."

19. Just chill, dude.

20. This seal is having a whale of a time.


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