22 Photos That Prove It's Easier With A Second Dog

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Getting a dog is a total lifestyle change. You become in charge of another (wonderful) living creature. And, in exchange, you get a loving new best friend in your life. For some dog lovers, though, they may want to adopt a whole pack, but shy away from it because getting two dogs seems like it will be double the work.


But here are twenty-two pictures that will make you realize just how easy — and rewarding — adding onto your fur family can really be.

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Sure, one dog is a lifestyle change. But two dogs is a lifestyle perfection.


1. They can take each other on walks.

2. They can help motivate each other to get all that excess energy out.

3. They'll (literally) have a ball together.

4. They can help crate train each other.

5. And they'll help entertain each other.

6. They'll crack each other up constantly.

7. You'll get to know the joy of having (not one but two) fluffy cuddle monsters around.

8. They'll be each other's BFFs.

9. And, just like human best friends, they'll take care of each other after a rough night.

10. They'll help remind you that true love is real.

11. You won't have to buy two of everything if they learn how to share.

12. And rest assured no food will go to waste.

13. They'll protect each other.

14. And they'll have each other's backs in precarious situations.

15. They can teach each other all sorts of exciting new things.

16. And sometimes they'll lose themselves in the other.

17. Plus, they'll keep you twice as safe from any type of intruder.

18. And if you think it's fun to dress one up, you'll lose your doggone mind when you get to dress up two.

19. If they don't like the outfits, they'll at least have each other to share in the embarrassment.

20. Before you know it, they'll be so in sync that you'll forget there are two of them.

21. The only adjustment you'll really need to make is to be prepared for the amount of overwhelming cuteness coming your way.

22. So if you're considering getting two dogs, trust yourself that you can probably swing it.


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