The 20 Top Names For Female Cats

It's here! The month we've all been waiting for — Adopt-A-Cat Month! We've decked the office in scratch posts and empty boxes (aka nap/hiding suites), and we're ready to adopt some cats! Now all that's left to do is name our beloved fluffballs. If you're also adopting a new best friend this month here are the top 20 names for girl cats.

1. Mittens

credit: Giphy

Let's be honest, you're going to be singing a lot of made-up songs to your new buddy. "Mittens" is the ideal name for rhyming purposes, as "kitten" is right there for ya.

2. Jellybean

Arguably the cutest thing about your new cat is her perfect paws. Would you look at those toes?! They're like little jellybeans ... and voila! There you have it, the perfect cat name.

3. Agatha

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Tumblr

Say this one out loud. "Agatha." It's perfect, right? This name was made for a cat. Refind. Dignified. (Also, a great name for authors, if you're in the market to name one of those.)

4. Tiger

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Seculo

Sure. This one's also a great name for a boy cat. But a girl cat named, Tiger? Come on. You know out of the gate you're working with a real badass.

5. Princess

Let's swing the pendulum the other direction. You want only the finest for your little girl, she needn't lift a paw, because she's a Princess.

6. Boots

Sometimes it's fun to let your feline name herself. If you've got a buddy who loves to hang out in, on, or around your shoes, then "Boots" it is.

7. Bella

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Imgur

Bella is the Italian word for beauty. We mean, look at her. She's stunning. You don't really have a choice, name your kitty for the beauty she is.

8. Elvira

Do you have a mysterious night wanderer? Some might say she's a "mistress of the dark." Look no further than the name, Elvira.

9. Mona

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Fat Cat Art

Whether it's after the sassy grandma from "Who's the Boss" or a shortened salute to the iconic painting, Mona is a great name for any cat.

10. Skittles

Just like the candy treats she's named after, "Skittles" is a wonderful nom de plume for a kitty who is carefree and loves to have fun.

11. Regina

Your perfect little lady would never be a "Mean Girl" to anyone!

12. Gretel

If your sweet fluff will follow anything, be it a laser pointer, a bug, or trail of crumbs, perhaps Gretel is the ideal name for her.

13. Bug

Chasing bugs around can be a cat's greatest pastime. It makes sense to simply name her: Bug.

14. Sassy

She's fun. She's flirty. She's full of sass. Plus, she's named after the hilarious cat voiced by Sally Field in the movie, Homeward Bound.

15. Glenda

Sure, cats are mysterious and mystical, and perhaps they lived a previous life as a witch. But a good witch, like Glenda from the Wizard of Oz.

16. Meatball

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Imgur

Don't ask us how we know, we just know. Meatball is the perfect name for your kitty. Test it out, you'll likely find it's a perfect fit.

17. Scout

If your feline spends her days looking out the window scouting birds, the name is pretty easy. Subtle yet specific. Scout is her name.

18. Mr. Mistoffelees

Mr. Mistoffelees?! For a girl cat? We know. Hear us out. It's 2017, baby. Girls can be anything they want! Including but not limited to the sexy boy cat in the musical Cats.

18. Popcorn

Who doesn't love popcorn? It's fun and it pairs perfectly with watching a movie. Just like your new cat.

19. Penguin

Black and white is a popular color for cats. They often look like they're wearing little tuxedos or like a penguin. And as the old saying goes, if she looks like a duck, and walks like a duck ... call her Penguin.

20. Whiskers

The 20 Top Names For Female Cats
credit: Camp Whiskers

Sure, this one's on the nose... quite literally. But, you're going to be talking about her adorable whiskers all the time anyway, might as well name her after one of her best features.