15 Photos That Sum Up Your Reaction When A Cat Falls Asleep On You

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Cats: We love them when they're awake, but if we're being honest, we usually love them even more when they're asleep. And when they're asleep ON you? We can't even. Here are 15 reactions you've had when your cat falls asleep on you.

1. That moment when you choose between death and this bliss.

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2. That moment when you know death wins.

3. That moment when you wake up before your cat and it's beautiful.

4. That moment, 20 minutes later, when you still haven't moved because you don't want to wake him.

5. That moment when your cat wakes up before you and just literally can't move.

6. That moment when your cat wakes up first and wakes you up with a kiss. AWW.

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7. That moment when you try to decipher what the current state of your relationship is with your cat based on how she falls asleep.

8. That moment when you know your cat either loves you a lot or is purposefully torturing you with cuteness.

9. That moment when your cat decides to dominate the cuddle situation and you just have to go with it.

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10. That moment when your cat falls asleep on your friend... who is allergic to cats. Oops?

11. That moment you cat finally gets comfortable and it's bad news for you.

12. That moment when your cat falls asleep in your lap, but in the worst, most awkward way.

13. That moment when you think the cat is waking up, but she's just sleep stretching.

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14. That moment when you've had enough and try to wake them up, but they just keep pretending to sleep until you give up.

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15. That moment when you finally see the cat who always falls asleep on you finally get his karmic payback.

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