The 17 Sleepiest Kitties To Ever Take A Nap

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Being a kitten is a sweet gig! People give you cuddles, kiss your nose, and are constantly cradling you, which can make a kitty need to take a serious cat nap. And cat naps are the best news ever, because we love sleepy kittens and sleepy puppies.

Because we're very democratic that way.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. These two who nap for at least an hour EVERY HOUR!

2. I'm so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.

3. Dreaming up plans for tomorrow

4. "I'm going to eat this when I wake up." — this cat (probably)

5. Sleepy little potato.

6. Read the instructions when assembling your kitty starter pack to avoid problems like this.

7. We'll take 10, please!

8. Catatonic 🥁

9. Where do these kittehs begin and end?

10. As I count down from five, you will become verrry sleepy.

11. The ultimate blanket nest.

12. This kitty's hind legs are plotting something.

13. You gotta be kitten me!

14. First night in my new home — feeling safe and cozy.

15. Is dreaming about breakfast.

16. So schleepy, scho tirrred...

17. "Sleepy little baby prawn 🥰"

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