This Unbearably Cute Kitten Is Braver Than You'll Ever Be

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Izzy the kitten is not only adorable, she's a tough little fighter. The sweet creature was brought to the Atlanta Humane Society after an animal lover found her in a dog's mouth.


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The dog found the nest where Izzy and her three siblings were living. Izzy's mother assessed the danger of the dog situation, grabbed three of her kittens, and ran. But Izzy got left behind.

Luckily, Izzy was spotted by a human who was able to take control of the situation. The young kitten lost the rest of her family at only 10 days old.

At that young of an age, she remains very fragile. She needs of lots of attention and constant monitoring. If you want to help out the brave little kitty's cause, you can donate to the Atlanta Human Society. They found her a loving foster caregiver who is nursing Izzy back to health.


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She continues to thrive under the foster's loving care, and is even learning how to crawl!

It's so fortunate this animal lover was nearby when this trying incident happened. Izzy is under great care now and will no doubt make a loving companion to whoever is lucky enough to snag her.

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